Recommended listenin’s from ’13

So this year most of my favoritestest albums are albums that seem to be all my friends and others’ favoritestest too.  You know, stuff like Daft Punk, Autre Ne Veut, Kanye, Drake, etc.  So I decided I’d just recommend my 10 favorite albums that I feel like more people like my bros and sissies need … Continue reading

Best Music of 2011

You guys heard about this thing called music? It’s gettin around, eh? Coming into it’s own. This year was a bit strange for me and music. I felt this year I really had a relationship in some manner with music. Like we were getting somewhere. We seem to be understanding each other a bit better. … Continue reading

Best 28 songs of 2010: ranked

Alright so here’s the list in order of the best 28 songs. I couldn’t cut it down any more. I hope you enjoy it. Also, know that I could have had 40 easily but some just weren’t fit. Ain’t no half steppin’. Ain’t no mountain high enough. Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone. Ain’t no … Continue reading