100 movies in 2011

What are your favorite movies? In late November 2010 I decided that I would try to watch some “classic” films that were supposed to be some of the all-time greats (according to various important/snobby/helpful lists found around the interwebs.) I watched Vertigo, Rear Window, In The Mood For Love and others that either were must-see … Continue reading

Best Music of 2011

You guys heard about this thing called music? It’s gettin around, eh? Coming into it’s own. This year was a bit strange for me and music. I felt this year I really had a relationship in some manner with music. Like we were getting somewhere. We seem to be understanding each other a bit better. … Continue reading

Nothin’ But Birdies

Just finished the disc stamp for the 2011 Fort Wayne disc golf summer league. What do you think? It’s hyzertime!