Recommended listenin’s from ’13


So this year most of my favoritestest albums are albums that seem to be all my friends and others’ favoritestest too.  You know, stuff like Daft Punk, Autre Ne Veut, Kanye, Drake, etc.  So I decided I’d just recommend my 10 favorite albums that I feel like more people like my bros and sissies need to jam.  Hope you don’t get so bored that you hate my guts.

Thundercat Apocalype

This is probably my favorite overall album of the year.  Thundercat is an amazing bassist who can fit anywhere.  Wrote most of these songs about his recently deceased friend. Flying Lotus is his good bud and helped with the album.  Jazzish, Funkish, Soulish, Electonic, just so rich, deep and alive.  He finally sings this on this album and it puts it over the top for me.  Here’s a clip of a live show just for you to get the feel.

The Internet Feel Good

Odd-Future’s Soulish collabo that feel kinda like Nu-Soul if it had just started in 2013.  Give it a try if you like things like hanging out on the couch or relaxing or dancing while making dinner.

Jaimeo Brown Transcendence

Jazz, Gospel, Psych, Classical, Rock? Jaimeo is this amazing drummer/composer and has a vision of something that just takes away your breath.  It’s gorgeous and powerful and bright.  Even when it’s not.  Amazing instrumentation obviously from his Jazz buds but it feels like an experience the whole time.  I can’t wait to listen to more of him in the future.

Samba Touré Albala

I’m not going to pretend I know what’s going on in Mali, but this album is crazy good.  Like all his stuff.  African music was really in my ears this year.

J. Cole Born Sinner

Better than Yeezus?  Don’t know about that, but it’s definitely more listenable, accessible and lyrical.   With guest appearances galore and full of memorable samples, this album kept getting better and better all year for me.  I mean you have the Electric Relaxation beat AND Tha Art of Storytelling beat on the same album?  It’s good.  Real good.  Real real good.  All good.  S’all good.

William Onyeabor Who is William Onyeabor?

This one is up as a top pick of the year but it’s obviously cheating a bit.  Nigerian funk musician finally releases music that’s been hidden since the early 80s.  Here’s part of his wiki bio,

According to the Luaka Bop record label, Onyeabor “self-released 8 albums between 1978 and 1985 and then became a born-again Christian, refusing ever to speak about himself or his music again…

This music makes me move as much as anything this year and it was released this year, so I’m introducing you to him/it.  Please turn it way up.

Classixx Hanging Gardens

Pure fun, 2013 danciness at it’s finest.

AlunaGeorge Body Music

Your Drums, Your Love was released as a single long ago but finally a full LP and it’s pretty great.  Dance pop from the UK.  This video is REALLY COOL too.  She’s the singer, the dork in the navy is the beat-bro.  Pretty rad kids, I think.

Disclosure Settle

I think I’m putting this up here because noone is seemingly loving it like I did. Which is a bit of a shame.  It’s really creative retro dance.  This video is a creepy one, but hey, it’s official!

Sky Ferreira Night Time, My Time

This type of retro-80s guitar electo/pop sound was in plenty of places this year but I feel like it was mostly the best on Sky Ferreira’s album.  Catchiness is my deal I guess.  And female vocals.

I mean look, she pokes that dude in the neck with a screwdriver and he STILL makes out with her.  Good jam.

In closing, it was a durn good year for jamzzz imho.  Hope y’all found something you enjoyed.  If not, blame yourself folks.  I’m out.

Here’s the best freestyle clip of the year to play myself out to.  RIFF RAFF!!! (nsfw)


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