I’ve loved t-shirts for awhile.  That’s basically all I ever wear.  I’ve loved disc golf (frisbee golf) for awhile.  That’s basically all the “exercise” I ever get.  I learned how to print tshirts in my basement.  So, I decided to start printing shirts for disc golf.

Teemo is the name of my venture.  There will be t-shirts with disc golf inspired themes.  There will be other stuff also.  Hopefully, I’ll have the website up within the month.  If you’re interested, keep Teemoteemo.com in mind.  Or find Teemo Disc Golf on facebook.  We make a vintage shirt with soft ink and soft threads.  Using only American Apparel and/or Alternative Apparel shirts keep us from feeling guilty about where our shirts came from and how they were made.  Eco-friendly printing-by-hand makes sure each of our shirts is original and comfortable and just all around great.

Thanks for checking us out.  Please consider purchasing a shirt and making it one of your favs.


2 Responses to “TEEMO!”
  1. Anonymous says:

    No Website, huh??

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