100 movies in 2011

What are your favorite movies?

In late November 2010 I decided that I would try to watch some “classic” films that were supposed to be some of the all-time greats (according to various important/snobby/helpful lists found around the interwebs.) I watched Vertigo, Rear Window, In The Mood For Love and others that either were must-see or recommended as amazing by friends. I loved them. Let me clarify, I LOVED them. The feeling I got engrossing myself in these films was personally groundbreaking. I had to do something with this new gift. I needed more.

I didn’t have a checklist or a schedule or any specifics in mind, I just wanted more. More creativity, more social commentary, more stories, more beauty, more emotion, more feeling, more everything that watching movies can bring us all for that two or so hours while these beautiful pictures move in front of our eyes.

I decided to watch 100 movies that I had never seen before in the year 2011. (Here they are if you want to read as a list)

I looked at lists, I asked friends, I just got lucky, I streamed netflix, I went to the library, I nabbed some off the web (shhh), I went to the redbox. And I did it. Despite being a full time dad and a not-even-part-time designer I saw 100 new films in one calendar year.

I also probably watched like 8 full seasons of television shows and probably rewatched 15 or so movies that I’d seen before (including all three extended LOTRs in 2 days.) Hint: Breaking Bad, Parks & Rec and Community are all superb.

After all was said and done I’d watched more memorable movies in one year than possibly my entire life combined. And I want to give something back to you who are reading this and don’t have the time or patience or want or money or addictive personality to watch all these movies to find the ones that could possibly change your life. I have outnerded everyone ever by designing a geek friendly infographic of the films I watched last year with some facts and details for y’all.

Let me know if you’d like some recommendations or my feelings on any of these movies. And, as always, your recommendations are welcomed. Here’s to another great year of appreciating a modern art form, film.


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